Nikos Poulinakis was born in Athens. He attends the 1st Public Elementary School of Nea Chalkidona. In 1976, he starts working at the Ionian and Laiki Bank. Three years later, he graduates from the 1st Night school of Athens. He completes his military obligations in the Air force from 1981 to 1983, and then returns to his job at the bank.

From 1988-1993 he becomes culturally active. At the same time, he becomes part of the editorial board of the Ionian Bank Employees Association for the publication of the magazine “EKFRASI”. His involvement with the writing begins very early in life. Until now it has published the books : «Heartbeat», «Under the Sun» and «Calendar». Many writings have been published in the literary magazine «Blueberry» Publications “Ocelotos”.

As he matures, he never stops worrying about the children of this world who have to face the nightmare of everyday life.

He is fond of the theater of shadows, and a collector of bank notes.

In 2005, he takes his first plunge into the world of fairytales and tastes their sweetness. Thus one moonlit night the moon gave him his magic slippers. Once he puts them on, he flies beyond the realm of imagination. Ever since he was a young boy, he travelled with the dragons and pixies of his imagination.

Nikos Poulinakis is a member of the Greek Department of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY).

His first book, “The Breaths of Astroboilis’ Dreams and Barefoot Notes” is a fascinating fairytale full of tenderness, love and hope. The reader is carried away to participate in a series of dream-like adventures with Stratis Astroboilis as a guide.

This children’s book was awarded the first prize festival InterArtia 2013. Moreover, the appearances of the festival InterArtia, at the Children’s fairy tale category, has received honor for his work: «Rina the Atherina», «The Lord and the Lorda», «One Emperor Penguin», «Polyzois, the terrible virus that was apprentice», «Lady-Week» «A renowned Snail», «Love that housed the Earth». At the same time, however, his work «Love that housed the Earth» collective participated in the second edition of «Ocelot’s Fairy Tales», publishing Ocelotos December, 2013.

About me

My life as a fetus began in a poor neighborhood of northwestern Athens.

Brief list of works

“The Breaths of Astroboilis’ Dreams and Barefoot Notes”


Nikos Poulinakis was born in Athens. He attends the..


November – December 2008, Magazine “A window to the child’s education”, page 359..